Arriving in Uganda


We arrived in Uganda feeling quite good considering the distance we traveled. We landed in Entebbe, the major airport about 1 hr from Kampala the capital city, at 11:30pm on Tuesday night and stayed at a hotel that was a 10min drive from the airport. Jess Casey, the field director that Krista is replacing at Tekera Resrouce Centre (TRC), picked us up the next day and we made the 4hr drive through torrential rain, past the equator, and around n’ around potholes until we made it to the town of Tekera, a tiny strip of clay homes that is well beyond powerlines and paved roads. When we first arrived there were a few hours where we felt like asking what on earth have we gotten ourselves into when we found out that most of the people here don’t speak English (we are slowly beginning to learn Lugandan) and realized that we are white city folk, but that dissipated fairly quickly when we got a tour around the compound to see all the cute Ugandan kids (about 350 attend the primary school here), the farm animals (they have oxen, cows, pigs, 5-day old baby pigs, chickens, roosters, etc.), the farm (they cultivate a fair number of fruits and vegetables, and they have about 2000 pineapple plants that we get amazing fresh pineapple from everyday), the resident guard dog (a slightly dopey dog who loves people and is named Cujo after Curtis Joseph), and the people (who love to have their picture taken). The weather hasn’t hurt either. Oh, and they play lots of soccer. There is a soccer field on the compound – and when I say field I mean they have a couple uneven soccer nets on either side of a bumpy field of grass and dirt – that I look forward to playing on. I am told they always love when mzungus (white people) play so I think I will fit in just fine here.

– Paul


Pineapple field in front of our home in the background.


Town of Tekera


Kids at Tekera Primary School


2 thoughts on “Arriving in Uganda

  1. So happy to hear you have safely arrived and are beginning the adjustment to rural life. I can only imagine…
    Loving and praying always, Auntie Christine, Uncle Tim and boys

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