Leaving Vancouver

I am writing this from the Vancouver airport as we wait to begin our journey to Uganda. The Vancouver airport seems to be a fitting place to write the first post to this blog because it will be our last Canadian cultural experience for a good while. The airport is a wonderland of maple syrup, Native art, taxidermy wolves, fake salmon rivers, and Chinese lanterns and dragons for Chinese New Years – I guess it is more of a Vancouver-Canadian cultural experience.

However, being in the airport reminds us that we are not just moving to Uganda but also leaving Vancouver and Canada. Since Krista accepted her position as the field director of the Tekera Resource Center in late December, most of our energy has been towards the move to Africa, and it wasn’t until a week or two ago that we realized we were going to have to say goodbye to Vancouver. Krista and I moved to Vancouver only two weeks after we got married so it was our first home together. We saw bears, whales, seals, and eagles. We snowboarded, hiked, snowshoed, camped, swam, ran, studied, ate, laughed, and cried.

Ultimately though, it was the people who made Vancouver much more than a place. We made amazing friends who supported us in many ways and were part of a church community that we will have a difficult time finding elsewhere.

Vancouver – and its people – will be missed.

– Paul



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