A Week of Firsts


Monday – First homemade guacamole experience

I can’t even describe how delicious the avocados are here.  They’re huge, the perfect texture, and flavourful.  Mash one of these suckers up, add some lemon juice, garlic, and salt, and you have the best guacamole ever!!!

Tuesday – First funeral

On Tuesday we attended our first funeral in Uganda.  Funerals in rural Uganda are unfortunately common.  They are the only event that begins on time.  And they are a community affair.  Most village members stay overnight with the family of the deceased, and contribute money, to help the family pay for the transportation of people who have come from far, and to help pay for the meals that the community eats together during the mourning period.

Wednesday – Paul’s first football (soccer) game

It was fun to watch Paul play his first village soccer game on the pitch in front of TRC.  Paul wasn’t used to the uneven ground, but he had another advantage – he was wearing shoes 😉  Overall he was able to keep up pretty well and had a lot of fun.

Thursday – First (small) conversation in Luganda

Learning Luganda has been tough because it’s so different from English and any other language I’ve studied.  On Thursday I’d finally memorized enough that I could have a mini conversation without having to pause for thirty seconds to try and remember a word.  Granted, the conversation consisted of the greetings we hear everyday, but I’m happy with any sense of progress!  🙂

Friday – First second time eating guacamole – so good!!!

– Krista Joy



One thought on “A Week of Firsts

  1. Avocado on bread for lunch is one of my modest memories of Africa! Fresh mangos and fried banana up high on the list.

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