Bits and Bobs

Well, we’ve totally been slacking with our blog!  I did write an entry a couple of weeks ago, but I forgot to post it.  Basically it was about the incredible hospitality Paul and I have been blessed to experience during our travels.  We feel like we have a big brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world!  Two families in particular have made us feel welcomed like relatives in their home: John and April Farrish in Miami, Florida and Phil and Merilee Henderson in Kampala, Uganda.

Anyway, we’ve been busy recently as my brother, Adam, came to visit us!!!  He’s here for one month, teaching English and computer skills to the staff, students, and community members at TRC.  We went on a safari with him, to the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.  It was beautiful there and we saw many amazing creatures up close!

Unfortunately on our way home, we experienced how a 12 hour bus ride can turn into a 24 hour bus ride!  After changing buses 3 times, fixing the bus multiple times, etc. we were extremely happy to reach Kampala, Uganda.  Although we were quite frustrated at different points along the journey, there is a bright side: we arrived safely and healthily, we met a lot of nice people who we wouldn’t have otherwise, and we had a lot of time to reflect!  Perhaps Paul or I will write more about our reflections on this bus ride in the future.

Last, but definitely not least, we got a puppy!!!  Long story, but she was the base camp dog for the United Nations in the Congo, and we ended up with her because we need a dog to chase away the chickens that are eating our crops.  Her name is Sierra and she is beautiful and well behaved 🙂

Alright, hopefully this entry makes up for some silence on our part.  Photos of our safari to come!!!


One thought on “Bits and Bobs

  1. Dear P&K you must write your reflections on the bus journey as time will dim them otherwise. North Americans have little idea of the African bus system and I am sure it was not a surprise after Bolivia!
    Blessings M&M &HG

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