Four Months In…

If we thought May was busy, June has turned out to be even busier!  The month started out with the tragic death of one of our teachers.  Then we lost two other staff members for various reasons.  It has been challenging to deal with the aftermath of these things, hiring new staff, and navigating related issues.  At times I feel like I’m in way over my head, but I suppose that’s good because it makes me trust that God has us here for a reason and it forces me to rely on God’s strength to keep going.

We also had a volunteer from the UK come to the centre at the last minute.  It always feels busy when we have volunteers come because we live in the same house as them, cook with them, hang out with them, etc.  But we got along really well with this volunteer, so it was enjoyable to live with her for a couple of weeks.  We dropped her off at the airport on Friday and spent the rest of the weekend in Kampala at a friend’s place.  It was a nice break to get away for a bit.

While in Kampala I read a book that taught me a lot about the church and people of Uganda.  The book is called “A Distant Grief” by Kefa Sempangi and I highly recommend it!  It’s about Kefa’s experience as the pastor of a church in Kampala during the reign of Idi Amin.  The main lessons I took away were:

a)      God speaks to the church in Uganda directly – he doesn’t just speak to the church in Uganda through the West.

b)      Many people here aren’t looking for a God that will provide them with the best worldview.  Rather, they’re looking for a God whose power will enter their lives in a practical way.  Living in a village where the simplest needs (such as clean water, mosquito nets, etc.) aren’t always met and where people are looking to God to meet these basic needs has challenged me to pray for God’s power in my life in a more practical way.

Anyway, I’m not providing enough context to explain these things nearly as well as Kefa Sempangi but his book impacted me so much that I had to write about it.  Hopefully you have a chance to read it one day!

With love,

Krista Joy


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