Music, Dance & Drama

Tekera Primary School’s annual “Music, Dance and Drama day” took place last week.  It was a real blessing to see the kids singing, dancing, and acting.  Two things stuck out for me: First, I LOVE the dancing here!!!  For the most part, people don’t care who is watching or what they look like.  They just move to the beat and have a good time.  It’s so freeing!  …that being said, most people look really good when they’re dancing!  Haha.  Second, it was interesting to see both the beautiful and the painful aspects of Ugandan culture that were displayed.  Some of the songs and dramas highlighted the problem of drunkenness and domestic violence.  This made me realize that even though there are so many wonderful things about life here (such as the peaceful rural setting, the simplicity of life, the close community feeling, etc.), I can’t romanticize it.  There are a lot of really painful and sad things about life here too.  Sometimes it seems like both the good and the bad things in life are magnified here.  Anyway, these are just some reflections prompted by this recent event.  Hope you enjoy the photos!  (There are more on my facebook page).

With love, Krista Joy




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