Buynoni & Kigali

We recently took a short trip to Lake Buynoni in Uganda and Kigali in Rwanda, so I thought I’d write a bit about it and post some photos.

DSC_8792 DSC_8819 DSC_8831 DSC_8879

View from our geodome

View from our geodome

Lake Buynoni is beautiful!  The further south you travel in Uganda, the more drastic the rolling hills become.  So Buynoni, a large lake full of small islands, is situated amongst stunning, terraced hills.  We canoed for about 45 minutes to get to the island we stayed on.  Once on the island, we stayed in a “geodome”, which is a dome with a large opening at the front, constructed of local materials.  Our geodome was nestled in the forest on the side of a hill and the front looked out onto the lake.  It was the perfect place to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary as it was scenic, peaceful, and private.


So when I say "we" canoed, it might be more accurate to say "Paul" canoed... ;)

So when I say “we” canoed, it might be more accurate to say “Paul” canoed… 😉

DSC_8920 DSC_8924 DSC_8930

After spending time at Lake Buynoni we spent a few nights in Rwanda, staying with the parents of a friend.



Kigali is a lovely city.  It’s very organized and clean.  Most of the streets are beautifully paved and lined with trees.  The motorcycle taxis have to be registered, the drivers can only take one passenger, and the passenger must wear a helmet – it’s quite different than Kampala!  The president has even outlawed plastic bags!



So bizarre that a site of such atrocity is now so serene

So bizarre that a site of such atrocity is now so serene

In Rwanda we spend most of our time enjoying good food and learning about the genocide that took place 19 years ago and how it affects Rwandans today.  (Paul is going to post more on this later).


We also enjoyed the company, wisdom, and care of the Rwandan couple (Francis & Bernadette Kabango) who hosted us.  They’ve spent a number of years living in Uganda and over 25 years living in London, Ontario; so it was a blessing to spend time with people who understand the place Paul and I come from, as well as the place we’re currently living in.

Overall, it was great to see more of picturesque East Africa, to spend time with each other, to learn about a significant event in history, and to spend time with friends!

– Krista


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