Favorite (subtle) things about Uganda

As Krista and I prepare to fly home tonight, here are a few of my favorite subtle things about our time in Uganda:

  • the 2 handed wave
  • dancing kids
  • the sky being closer to the ground
  • thunderstorms
  • thunderstorms at night
  • long walks in the country
  • the evening sun
  • the full moon
  • night walks
  • driving locals on my boda boda (motorcycle)
  • squeezing 10 people into 5 person cars over rough dirt roads
  • birds
  • rolex (chapatti and egg wrap)
  • living next to nature
  • expressive body language – large intonations and dramatic arm movements
  • subtle body language – a small raise of the eyebrows to say ‘yes’, a small purse of the lips to say ‘that way’
  • mango season
  • bargaining
  • the rolling countryside
  • red dirt
  • greeting strangers on the street

– Paul


Welcoming 2014 in Zambia

We recently spent a week in Zambia, visiting our good friends Dave & Allie Henderson.  Dave & Allie live in the North-Western province of Zambia, Dave working for an environmental conservation trust, and Allie working as a doctor at a community clinic.  It was really great to see friends from Canada and to welcome the New Year together with them.

Highlights of the trip include seeing Victoria Falls (Paul & Dave bungee jumping off the bridge overlooking the falls), seeing rhinos, zebras, and antelope while walking through a national park, and pretending we were guests at the swanky Royal Livingstone Hotel.  It was especially fun to be with friends who live in a similar environment to Paul and i because it was exciting for all of us just to visit a nice, well-stocked grocery store!

We also found it helpful to reflect on 2013 and to speculate about 2014 with friends who can understand the challenges of life in Africa as well as those of life in North America, especially since we’re preparing to move back to Canada.  Overall we’re thankful for our year in Uganda, all that it’s taught us, and for good friends to journey through various aspects of life with.

Much love,

Krista Joy

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