Favorite (subtle) things about Uganda

As Krista and I prepare to fly home tonight, here are a few of my favorite subtle things about our time in Uganda:

  • the 2 handed wave
  • dancing kids
  • the sky being closer to the ground
  • thunderstorms
  • thunderstorms at night
  • long walks in the country
  • the evening sun
  • the full moon
  • night walks
  • driving locals on my boda boda (motorcycle)
  • squeezing 10 people into 5 person cars over rough dirt roads
  • birds
  • rolex (chapatti and egg wrap)
  • living next to nature
  • expressive body language – large intonations and dramatic arm movements
  • subtle body language – a small raise of the eyebrows to say ‘yes’, a small purse of the lips to say ‘that way’
  • mango season
  • bargaining
  • the rolling countryside
  • red dirt
  • greeting strangers on the street

– Paul


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